Carol Gottesman

Creating Wellness 


Let me start by telling you a little about myself
and my background.  I have been a nurse for
51 years, and it has been a wonderful journey.
I started in California as a Public Health Nurse. Then, I moved back to Ohio and worked as a medical, labor and delivery, psychiatric, and home health nurse. I taught Psychiatric Nursing for 15 years at a hospital based diploma program. During this time I was introduced to Touch for Health and Kinesiology for Learning. I incorporated them into my teaching and work with Psychiatric patients and students with excellent results.
I created a DVD called, "Muscle Dancing your Way to Better Health" which teaches some of these techniques to lay people and professionals.

You may learn more about my work by listening to my interview with John Thornton on Great Conjunction Radio which was hosted by ParaMania Radio. Listen now

Carol Gottesman

Pranic Healing

Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Private Practice, "Creating Wellness," teaching classes
and seeing
private clients





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