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Why Do You Need this DVD?


"Muscle Dancing Your Way to Better Health" 2012 © is a production of Alternative Health Productions, LLC.

"Muscle Dancing Your Way
to Better Health"

If you would like to have more energy, better balance and coordination, and greater mental
clarity then,THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

  "Muscle Dancing Your Way to Better Health" is easy, fun and energizing. Slowly floating through these 14 muscle movements activates your natural energies. These yoga-like movements are very relaxing and soothing. They balance your body’s energy, bringing about a sense of wellbeing. The benefits are decreased pain, tension and anxiety, improved mental clarity, focus, coordination and balance.
When I taught Psychiatric Nursing I did the Muscle Dance with the patients and students. The patients were energized, relaxed and had better mental clarity and focus following the muscle dance. They communicated more spontaneously and were more grounded. When they asked me for copies of the exercises so they could continue
to do them when they went home, I knew they were experiencing the benefits. The students stated it was a stress reducer for them and helped to prevent burnout from mental and emotional strain. 

  If a person is unable to perform any of the movements, visualizing going through the movement is also very effective. When we visualize, small but measurable contractions take place in the muscles associated with the movements. This is called “mental rehearsal” and is used by many people in sports with even better results than if the actual movements were performed.

"Muscle Dancing Your Way to Better" Health" 2012 © 

$15 plus shipping
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This DVD is a teaching tool which will teach you the Muscle Dance. 

I recommend that
you do the 
excercise along with the video so that the Muscle Dance becomes part of your regular activities.

The benefits
will include:  improved energy level, better coordination and  balance, and greater mental clarity.