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What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a new approach to restoring our natural energies. It is a method of assessing energy flow through muscle testing and correcting imbalances through acupressure massage techniques.
Energy flow is important.
According to Chinese Theory, energy controls the blood, nerves, and all organs and must flow freely for good health to be maintained. Imbalances occur when this energy becomes blocked because of trauma, poor diet, excessive emotions, cold, stress and any number of other factors. You can actually feel these blocks in energy in yourself through muscle testing. You can also correct the imbalances using acupressure massage techniques and feel the difference. Energy out of balance over a period of time manifests into physical illness. The MRI takes a picture of this energy and reveals these imbalances manifesting into physical illness.
What is muscle testing? There are fourteen meridian pathways in the body. Each energizes a particular organ and set of muscles. Touch for Health has developed as assessment tool by muscle testing one muscle on each meridian pathway to determine how well the energy is flowing through that pathway.
What are acupressure massage techniques? Our bodies are built in such a way that if we go into overload, circuit breakers go off in our system and block energy flow. This protective mechanism keeps us from injuring ourselves. For example, when a person over-exercises his muscles give out because circuit breakers go off blocking the flow of energy which carries the message to activate those muscles. One analogy is that when you overload your electrical circuits at home, circuit breakers go off. You flip the switch in the fuse box to reset the circuits. Similarly,
the acupressure massage points are the switches that reset the circuits in our bodies and get the energy flowing smoothly again.?
What are the benefits?
The benefits gained through learning and using these testing and balancing techniques are: increased energy and resistance to illness, faster healing when sick or injured, improved ability to tolerate stress, alleviation of depression and low moods, decreased pain and tension, improved posture, muscle flexibility and balance.


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